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November 19th, 2020

im gonna make it very large!

so many good things on our way! bye now!

Styles Conference

Writings on Freud and Consciousness

This all seems to be attempting to arrive at an understanding of psycho analysis. Freud starts by talking about the instinct. An instinct is a sort of mental process or feeling that eventually creeps its way into life. All instincts shift and morph their way throughout life, it's very vicissitudinal. We are born into a body and are thrust into the physical world. We have biological and mental processes that seemed to be linked in many ways, though a biological understanding of instincts seems to supply an answer to a question not as easily obtained as a mental instinct. Think of getting hit in the kneecap. When a source of stimulation is applied to the kneecap, the very obvious reaction to that is to use a bodily reflex to eliminate pain. This supplies an answer to the source of a biological instinct. This biological instinct rises from the external world, a mental instinct rising from the inner. There is a strict placement of the source of the stimulation, an inner instinct not easily pinpointable. We could also quantify this instinct as a need. To fix a need, there must be a satisfaction that is applied to fix a need. It's also important to note that unlike an external instinct, where the resolution takes place in the outer world, a mental instinct does not have an immediate resolution, or one at all, because the source of the instinct arises inside. We might think that there is no point in pursuing an instinct if it has no resolution, but humans are not incurious individuals.

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