Film equipment catalogue, what i have, things i want. A camera is a weapon.

What i have:

Simple stuff really, EOSM50 is a solid camera with a very clean output. Tripod, self explanatory. Panasonic for the nostalgia, the yearning. You should be careful with this. The Pentax is a must carry, i'm currently working on finding my favorite film camera. I have about seven of them. Every camera has a feel, a point of capture, a way to set a mood.

Things I need

Proper lighting, audio, gymbal, everything else really.

I think my first investment should be a solid audio interface. I'll probably be doing some outdoor things, might keep it simple and go with a lav mic. I'm thinking the Tascam DR-10L Honestly this is the first thing I found, but it was the most recommended. I don't really care tbh, just need something.

As for lighitng, I guess you can get reflectors instead of actual lighting, which is great. I'll probably snag some reflectors. But I should get into some actual lighting. I don't think I should worry about a boom mic, or any of the higher end stuff yet. I'm still in a beginning stage, i'll probably have to deal with some stupid shit over the next year or so. If I work for a restaurant i'll have to do it with my eyes wide shut. I know what i'm doing.

Crypto goals

I have been getting into crypto a bit lately, just wanted a spot to keep track and write my goals and progressions

What I started with: 100 dollars into bitcoin, 80 into ethereum. I took some of the coinbase earning classes so i got about 70 bucks from that. That puts me at 250 dollars made without earning.


Date Crypto Amount Total
1/25 BTC $94
1/25 ETH 90
1/25 USD 93
1/25 277

Total profit: $27

Hoping ot buy REN at .5585. I need to find a better way to chart this.

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