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November 19th, 2020

this is a forever work in progress. a progression of my tastes, experiences, influences, works, and lives. working towards a philosophy of the new life, a life i've lived and i life i will live.

good things on our way. success to all, we're bearing fruit.

the website looks pretty shitty right now but i think i'm mostly gonna focus on my other projects, and use this to just write in. eventually i'll hop back into the design and function of this website but for now it's going to be pretty messy. godspeed

Things I want to do

Things I want to do

Current Vibe

that's really not my experience with that, let me try

Daily Thoughts

December 31

it's amazing how every single thing i do connects to another. i can mess around with a sound in ableton and my mind creates it's own set of adventure, story, movement, color. Every single sense is happening inside my head, while I sit on the couch. Here


who am i

i do things

i read, i chill, i know everything. the colors, the spaces, we've all been there

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